Pensioners top-up benefit deadline approaches

Pensioners on a low income have been urged to check if they qualify for the state pension top-up benefit, pension credit, as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) warns that the deadline for applications is less than two weeks away.

Those who apply by 10 December 2023 may become eligible for an additional £300 cost of living payment on top of the average annual pension credit support of £3,900.

Minister for pensions, Paul Maynard, stressed the importance of ensuring that every eligible pensioner receives the support available. The DWP, dubbing 10 December as "Deadline Day," has partnered with football icon Harry Redknapp to raise awareness about the approaching cut-off.

Pension Credit is a top-up intended for individuals over state pension age with a low income. Nearly 1.4 million pensioners currently receive Pension Credit, but an estimated 850,000 entitled individuals are not claiming it.

The benefit can also serve as a gateway to additional support for housing costs, council tax, and heating bills.

Applicants can easily check eligibility and potential amounts using the Government's online pension credit calculator. Claims can be made by phone, post, or online, with backdating available for up to three months.

The DWP encourages timely applications to secure the cost of living payment and highlights the straightforward process for claiming pension credit.

Redknapp also encouraged people to check in with their loved ones. He said:

"It's always an exciting time of the season - I would just say to anyone, check in with your mum, dad, nan, or grandad. This could be a brilliant signing."

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