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After a lifetime of hard work, you don’t want to incur any unexpected tax liabilities, and you certainly don’t want to have to return to work because you’ve run out of money. So how can you alleviate this? Long term planning done by a trusted advisor.

We’ll work hard to build a strategy that aligns with your financial situation and goals, giving you a solid foundation to build from. We ask questions like: when do you plan on retiring? What do you need financially to do that? We’ll make sure that you’re covered for sickness in the future, and that any inheritance tax on your estate is minimised.

Statistics tend toshow that people aren’t saving enough for their retirement – it can be easy to turn a blind eye to something that you might assume is covered by your workplace and state pension. But that’s not ever really the case. As your accountant, we can work with you to find out what you need to do to pull all of your information into one place, and when you can feasibly retire based on your situation.

We can also offer support with life assurance and long term care, exit strategies if you’re planning to leave your company, and savings and investment support.

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