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If you’re the owner of a business in a niche market or specialist sector, the average auditor might not be able to assess your business to the degree you need. Meanwhile, when it comes to checking how well you comply with your obligations, there is absolutely no room for failure or something to be missed. In other words, you need an auditor who can perform those specialist audits on your behalf.

At Venthams, our team of auditors are true specialists in every sense of the word. We have many years of experience with countless businesses of all sizes working in a wide range of industries. Whatever the size and complexity of your business or operations, we’re confident our audit and assurance team can handle it.

For any audit, the planning stage is extremely important. For specialist audits, they’re essential. After that, we work with a holistic approach while focusing on the details to create an assurance report that you will be able to use to improve your business, impress investors or just to assure yourself you’re on the right track.

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