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Bookkeeping is essential for businesses, as it shows what is happening in the moment, which is vital if you want to make informed decisions. But the amount of work that goes into bookkeeping is easy to underestimate. Keeping track of every source of your business’s income and expenses is a time-consuming process and one that could keep you away from where your business really needs your attention.

With Venthams’ bookkeeping services, you can get back in control of your finances and improve your business. With a meticulous eye for detail, we’ll spot any unnecessary expenses and identify the best sources of cash for you to capitalise on. We use a modern and technological approach with cloud accounting software, as we believe the best tools breed the best results – and when it comes to us providing for our clients, it’s all about delivering results.

Good bookkeeping also breeds effective, money-saving tax returns, as we can keep track of every allowable expense, the value of which can be offset against your taxable profit, reducing the tax you owe. HMRC will try to win back every penny it can, and will often question whether something was actually an allowable expense. If they question you, you’ll have our expert bookkeeping and records to back you up.

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