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Few people have sufficient time to give their personal financial affairs the full attention they deserve and yet, when your wealth is held across a range of assets such as company shares, property and investments, it is imperative that those assets are properly managed and protected.  

This is where Venthams high calibre private client advice can be invaluable; working closely with you to understand the issues affecting your wealth and providing a holistic service that protects the long term needs of you and your wider family.

We can help you in developing a cohesive management and succession strategy for your privately held wealth, allowing you to:

  • Protect your wealth by understanding and taking control of your financial affairs, especially with regard to current and future tax exposure
  • Benefit from fully informed decision making.
  • Create an informed plan making best use of your wealth for yourself, your retirement and future generations.
  • Avoid the threat of unexpected future tax demands; your financial affairs being proactively managed and tax liabilities properly planned for.

Without proper planning, significant wealth can be lost from threats that had not been anticipated.  Through lifestyle planning, we can help you to plan for your future; identifying potential threats to your wealthand effectively managing the consequences.

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